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Convergence Problem with Frictional Contact against Membrane

    • StephGee


      First: Thanks to everyone contributing to this great forum. It helped me already a lot! Here is the first problem I cannot figure out with the already existing conversations.

      I am working on a model that shows the insertion of the bar inside the organic structure which consists of a solid body and a surface (Membrane). The insertion is executed with a displacement. The solid body and the edge of the membrane have a fixed support. I have the following settings:

      Contact between the parts: Frictional (0.1) with Pure Penalty and Nodal-normal to target

                                                   Stiffness Factor: 0.1 with updating each iteration

      Analysis settings: Large Deflection: On

      The insertion works without the membrane which is modeled as a surface. 

      If I let the simulation run with the membrane then the simulation stops after about 50%. At first the contact shows no problem but then it throws the error: The solver engine was unable to converge on a solution for the nonlinear problem as constraint. 

      I tried many things with different meshes, timesteps, materials but nothing works. 

      I would be more than happy if someone has an idea what I can try. 


      Thank you, 


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