Convergence Problems in Simulation of Electrolysis Cell (Fluent)

    • MoBe

      Hey guys,


      I try to simulate one half of an electrolysis cell.

      The geometry is shown in the picture.


      The physical setup:

      Left side between 10% and around 60% of hight (maybe you see the yellow frame on the left side) is chosen as velocity inlet for oxygen bubbles. The outlet on top is chosen as pressure outlet. The blue coloured domain is oxygen the rest is water. So I am giving oxgen through the inlet into the water and want to investigate the bubble rise. Inlet velocity of oxygen is 0.00064 m/s. I am doing a transient simulation with step size of 0.001s.

      Model is eulerian multiphase model and k-e-turbulence.

      Unfortunately after around 1.5 seconds the solution does't converge anymore. I tried different things maybe the problem is the pressure outlet but I am not sure about it. Maybe you can help me. Thank you

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