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Convergency in mass flow rate

    • leosibarani1

      After following the tutorial in Fluid Kinematics course in Ansys Innovation Space i found that in mass flow rate flux is not equal to zero. The graphic is not have a bic ocilation anymore but at the end of the iterations (500 iterations) i think that the graphic is going to top. I'd like to ask should i incrase the explicit relaxation factor and add some more iterations because i think it makes the ocilation is lower but need more iterations for converge or can we say that the graphic of mass flow rate flux is show that the calculation is converge?

      Thank you in advance

    • Muhammad Rizky Pratama Hakim

      Dear Leo,

      The CFD solution should satisfy the continuity equation. If the density of the fluid is not constant, it may happen the difference between the inlet and outlet mass flow rates, because the density is changing over time. If the problem is not transient, you should check again your simulation setting to make sure it is already right.

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