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Converting curved surface to Flats in Space claim


    • chalke

      I have a curved geometry which I import into space claim. I then want to obtain a flatten surface of the curved surface and get the .dxf file of it. I think I can use the unfold command in Sheet metal tab to achieve what I want. However, the unfold command is inactive. I would like to have suggestions on how to activate the unfold command.


    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Chalke,

      You can unfold the following types of walls, but you must right-click a planar face and not a cylinder or a cone:

      • Planar walls
      • Cylindrical walls, including large diameter cylinders (roll bends)
      • Most conical walls, such as a part with variable radius round between arcs that was shelled and converted to a sheet metal part. Parts that are made with blends between radii also unfold reliably.
      • Z bends and S bends, even when they neighbor a cylindrical or conical wall.
      • Walls that includes holes that touch a bend or are included in an object that includes a bend.
      • Double-walled parts that include a complex unbending edge.

      You also might want to try including the 'Beta options', which can be found in Workbench window >> Tools >> Appearance >> Beta Options

      More information on the unfold option can be found in the following references which also include some examples too.
      Unfolding Sheet Metal Components (ansys.com)

      Hope this helps,

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