Converting HFSS Antenna Models to Gerber file: Seeking Professional Methods


    • Chengkun Hu

      I would like to inquire about the professional methods for converting an antenna model designed in HFSS into a Gerber file. Currently, the known method involves converting each layer file into a DXF format, labeling the layers in AutoCAD, exporting them to a DWG file, and then converting them using software such as Altium Designer or Cadence. Another method is to import the model into HFSS 3D Layout for conversion. However, I am seeking more efficient and reliable techniques for this process. Any insights or recommendations from experienced users in the forum would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help

    • Aymen
      Ansys Employee

      The easiest available way now is to import the model into HFSS 3D Layout and from there exporting it in Gerber format.

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