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Converting shell model in ACP pre to solid model

    • mahzad sadati


      I have a geometry in that the inner part has orthotropic properties with different fiber directions (I attached the geometry). I extracted the surface of the solid shape to use as a shell model in ACP pre and apply the fiber orientation and the thickness of it was set to 5 mm as the thickness of the solid shape. But after converting it to the solid body and entering to static structural, then entering the solid model of two geometries in the mechanical model, I have the geometry as I attached in the static structural. It seems that there are three shapes in that the geometry that applied fiber direction is separate from the others. please help me how can solve this issue.

      The boundary conditions are pressure and fixed support on both sides of the cube shape.


    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      Please try a Google search with the following keywords: 'Converting shell model in ACP pre to solid model ansys'

      You will find many relevant links. Also, please see if the following links are of help to you:

      ACP + Static Structural: what’s the difference between transferring solid or shell composite data? (

      Solid + Shell ACP Analysis (


      Ashish Khemka


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