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Converting STL file to CAD file for FEA in Workbench.

    • Harshik Modasiya

      Hello ,
      I have to Convert STL to CAD file for Doing FEA of Bone and Implant.
      As I have Work with 2 ways :-
      1) Converting Facet into Shrinkwarp and doing FEA.
      2) Converting Facet into Shrinkwarp and then Creating Patch Body by Auto skin tool.
      3) Converting Facet into Patch body by Auto skin tool.

      As I get Different Values in Results . So can anyone Help me to Validate and what is Differece between This 3 ways of converting CAD file... Or any Other Option..

    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Harshik, The difference in the result could be only if the geometry is different. Using different approach may alter the contours, NURBs of the geometry and that may affect the result. Make sure the geometry by all three method is same.

    • mjmiddle
      Ansys Employee


      There are other factors that can cause different results, such as mesh size, but assuming you set up the models similarly, the difference is most likely the geometry, as Rahul said.

      There is a lot of variance even within each method you listed. The shrinkwrap tool in SpaceClaim can produce a good or very bad representation of the geometry based on the parameters you used. The mesh size specified in the shrinkwrap is a major influence, but there are other parameters. You should be able to easily judge whether the shrinkwrap was decent by visual inspection. If you use the autoskin tool, this is a good tool, but requires simple geometry. You may need to use the manual “skin surface” for what the autoskin cannot do well.


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