cooling a PV panel

    • jmatthews

      I need to model the cooling effects of a fan on a PV panel. I have a starting temperature of the panel  (circa 64degrees), a set air temperature (circa 42degrees) and a target temperature of 25degrees. I would like to establish what capacity fans to purchase in order to achieve this cooling and whether 1 fan or 2 fans are best.

      I am falling at the first hurdle though as I cant seem to set up an inlet and outlet on my fan (the cylinder).

      can anyone help?



    • Karthik R

      The way you have set your domain might not permit you to set-up the problem you want to model. You will need to tweak your geometry for this analysis.

      There are quite a few videos available on YouTube which will help you understand how to set-up the model in Fluent. I'd say start from there and then slowly build the complexity of your model as you go along.

      I hope this helps.


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