Core loss effects on Transient simulations

    • Kessa

      Hi there,

      I doing a transient simulation in Ansys Maxwell for a stator with a winding having four identical coils in series. And this winding is excited with voltage source, so the voltage on those four coils are expected to be same as a quarter of the total input voltage. In my simulation results, if I do not check the 'Consider core loss on fields', the results are good, and voltage drop on four coils are the same with each other. But if I check that button, the voltage drop on the first coil would be much lower than others.

      In my understanding, when we check that option, we are making our simulation more accurate by estimating the core loss and modify the field results. But why there is a change in the voltage distribution? I thought the changes for all four coils would be the same.

      I would appreciate it very much if anyone can figure this out.



    • vigor
      hi, how to understand Consider core loss on fields? Which parameters are affected? thank you!Arrayn
    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @vigor nYou can find the explanation for this in Maxwell help.nRefer to Setting Core Loss for Transient and Eddy Current Solvers section in maxwell help for more details.nnRegardsnNavyan
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