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Core losses of a High frequency ferrite core transformer

    • Hasan Safi

      Hello, i have two questions;

      1. I gave a 300v sinusoidal voltage to the primary winding of my high frequency transformer but when I checked the graph after simulation it was not a sinusoidal wave, can you please help me find the problem? You can find the equation and the results attache
      2. Can you please give me the equation for sqaure waveform with 300v magnitude, 50% duty cycle and 20kHz frequency?
    • NA
      Ansys Employee

      Concerning your first question, it could be due to a large timestep set. Please check that enough samples are taken in one period. Concerning your second question, the easiest way to create a pulse is through an external excitation using a Pulse Voltage Source. In the Pulse Voltage Source you can specify magnitude, duty cycle and frequency, as well as rise time and fall time.

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