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correct way to prepare my model

    • hossein_esm


      I'm preparing a model of lower jaw to analysis in ansys. there are cuts like one I mentioned in the picture. first of all I'm 0 at ansys. so I dont know how much it could make my work easy and save my time.

      1. Is there a function in ansys that help me to tell software I want to cut shapes?(it's a more complex cut than the picture). or should I prepare cut shapes and import it to ansys?
      2. Next question is, if I cut and close opened surface of red part which is around blue part (figure 2) I think there would be a modeling problem with opened nerve channel (figure 4).
      3. In (figure 5) when I want to connect jaw parts with a plate and screws, should I model that place of the bones as how it gonna be around the screws or can I just tell ansys I want screws implanted there?
      4. Thank you in advance.
    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      1) You will have to perform the spit operation in a cad tool like spaceclaim or any other. This way ansys knows that the 2 parts are different entities.
      2) What kind of problem are you expecting? In ANSYS you will have to specify connections between the 2 mating surfaces. The connections are needed to define interaction between 2 bodies and tell the solver that force needs to be transferred between bodies. You wont have any problem if you define these connections properly.
      3) There are several ways to model bolted connections in ANSYS using contacts, joints or using beam elements.
      If you are new to ANSYS I would encourage you to check out ANSYS innovation courses at https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/structures/. These are some courses you might be interested in https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/courses/contact-mechanics/, https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/courses/fundamental-topics-in-contact/, https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/courses/connecting-bolts-with-the-rest-of-an-assembly/ and https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/courses/bolted-connections-2/
      Regards Ishan.
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