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Correct way to simulate residual stresses?!

    • Luca Schnell

      Hello everyone, i am working on a project where i have to simulate the measured residual stresses and i would like to get some feedback to make sure that i am doing this correctly according to your opinion. I proceed as follows:

      1. I am exporting the point cloud from FEM
      2. Then i assign each point with σ XX, σ YY and τ XY
      3. I reimport the extended point cloud to Ansys
      4. I define it as initial stress
      5. Lastly i use a Remote Displacement on my object so it is free to deform due to residual stresses.

      Thank you in advance



    • peteroznewman

      How are the residual stresses measured?

      Here is how I simulate residual stress:

      1. Create a material that uses one of the Plasticity material models such as Bilinear Kinematic Hardening.
      2. Create support boundary conditions.
      3. Apply sufficient load to the intital geometry to cause the material to exceed the yield strength.
      4. Remove the load.
      5. Plot the residual stress.
      6. Plot the residual deformation.
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