Cough Simulation – Covid 19

    • greenduck



      I'm a student and I have to simulate cough droplets spreading through mouth using ANSYS Fluent. I don't have much experience in ANSYS and I could not find much information online. I don't know which settings to choose and I need help :')

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Start by doing the tutorials, I'd suggest looking at most of them and anything that covers the DPM model. 

    • Karthik R


      You will need to use DPM to simulate and track cough droplets from the mouth. I'd recommend that you start learning how to use DPM to track particles. There are several YouTube videos on this. 

      Also, there have been numerous research papers published in the open literature on this topic. I'd strongly recommend that you start reading these papers as a first step. This should help you understand the various ways of modeling this problem on Fluent.



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