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Could not archive the Workbench to .wbpz file

    • odinchen

      Hello guys, I just met a problem that I can't solve. My desktop does not have enough disk space, so I want to archive my workbench files except their result and solution. I clicked Archive from WB file, and unchecked first two options. After I moved on archiving, an error pop up as shown.

      I tried to archive the file with clicking the other two options, it was successful, however, 60G was required for the archive file, that might be too big for my desktop. Can anyone help me for this problem? Thank you so much!

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee
      @odinchen nMake a copy of the files before you try thisnSometimes a container which is intended to be part of the project schematic will get orphaned, and won't any longer be available through the project. In some cases this is harmless, but in others, having the container still around although inaccessible can cause problems using the project.nnYou can check for containers which are not accessible from the schematic using the following code in the window which can be opened using, File->Scripting->Open Command Windownn# print a list of data containers which are not accessible inn# the schematic view. This does not necessarily indicate an error,n# but may be useful in some cases to locate containers thatn# need to be deleted.nfor c in GetContainerList():n  if not GetComponentsForContainer(c) and not IsStaticContainer(c) and str(c) != Messages   print cnnTo remove a data container from the project, use the DeleteContainerInternal command:nnDeleteContainerInternal(Setup 1)nnWhen using this command, be aware that all it does is to remove the container from the project. It does not update the project schematic, or any other references to the container elsewhere in the project.nnDeleteContainerInternal also publishes a warning message in the Messages view and log file to state that this has been donen
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