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Coupled Solver in Fluent

    • Sakun


      I am running single compressor blade simulation in fluent steady-state and i am using couple solver for that. But i have disabled  Pseudo Transient option because i need to use 1 for courant number. when i refer the ansys user guide, it has mentioned to activate Pseudo Transient for steady-state. Since i have untick Pseudo transient option, does it mean my simulation is running on transient mode. 

      Can someone explain this to me :)


    • NickFL

      What you have marked with the arrow means that the PseudoTransient under relaxation technique is only available when you are using the steady-state solver. If you were using the transient solver this option will not be available (because it is a true transient simulation and therefore cannot be “pseudo”).

      If you have defined a steady-state solution, then you are running a steady-state simulation. Unticking this box just changes how the solver operates behind the scenes.

      EDIT: Why do I always have to edit to get the formating right on these posts? Arrrggg!

      • Sakun

        Hi NickFL,

        Thank you very much for the reply and explanation, i do get it now 😀👍

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Nick.  The editor may just be natural talent. :)  Check the cursor is top left of the reply panel too, the "not quite loaded" state puts it in the middle and then formatting tends to be creative. 

      Sakun.  Turning on/off Pseudo Transient just switches between setting a Courant Number (default is 200, 1 is far too low, 50-100 is usually reliable) and a time factor (set in the Iterate panel, 1 may be optimistic, 0.01 is far too low for most models). The option is good, and the benefit is briefly covered on the page you posted; all the maths is in the Theory guide and possibly in any references given there.

      Strictly speaking, posting DOC pages is on the "don't do" list, but as it's not showing any equations or model specifics I'll leave it: just an informal comment. 

      • Sakun

        Hello Rob,

        Thank you very much for the kind clarification and the reply. Helped me to understand properly and i will keep that in my mind about posting DOC pages 😅👍

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