Coupling CFX results with Transient analysis

    • Nithin Varghese

      Hello Everyone,

      I just started using CFX, so I'm a little confused about it. How can I couple the CFX results with the transient thermal analysis and what inputs do I consider?

    • RM
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Nithin,

      Are you interested in 1-way data trasfer or 2-way data transfer?
      Please refer Oscillating Plate FSI Co-Simulation with Partial Setup Export from Workbench (CFX-Mechanical) (ansys.com) a tutorial for 2 way FSI with CFX-Mechanical Coupling.

      You can also couple CFX results with the Mechanical as shown in image.


      Please refer Using Imported Loads for One-Way FSI (ansys.com) for more information.
      Hope this helps you!!

    • Nithin Varghese

      Hey, thanks for your support.

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