coupling efficeiency

    • rahuldevmishra08

      how to find coupling efficiency in Lumerical  FDTD

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Lumerical FDTD does not directly give the coupling efficiency. Instead, you can calculate it based on your definition, as the power transmission or the complex transsion coefficient can be obtained from the port. Please search the official website with "coupling efficiency" to find some informaiton, as the current forum does not support the hyperlink well.


    • sagar

      I think we can calculate the coupling efficiency by placing two monitors like one will be placed on the structures or after the source (if you have any waveguide structure) and another monitor will be placed on top of the structure after the end of the structure (where the collection optics will be placed in the experiment, by considering the dimension of the monitor and the distance to get a rough idea of the numerical aperture(NA)), by calculating the transmitted power ratio you can get the coupling efficiency. 

      Anyway, this is applicable to the cylindrical waveguide structure. you can share your structure to get more understanding. 

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