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Solve a flow in a domain by coupling different viscous models

    • Shahar Gro


      I am solving a transient 2D simulation of air movement. Is it possible to define the viscous model solver as inviscid, and some part of the domain (maybe through Cell Zone conditions) as laminar or turbulent?

      My intention is to speed up the simulation by solving potential flow in the domain, where I know viscosity in negligible, and with laminar (or turbulent model) in areas closer to walls.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You can set cell zones to be laminar, with zones not tagged as such being whichever turbulence model you set. Given most models are only 2 equation I suspect it'll not make much difference to the solution time. 

    • Shahar Gro

      Thanks for the answer.

      As far as I can see, this option is possible for turbulence models, but not for the inviscid model case. attached is a screenshot of the menu in the case where inviscid model is chosen -> no option to select laminar zone through the cell zone condition menu.

      Thanks, Shahar.

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