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CP command in specify TIME or STEP on Workbench

    • j6zoz04

      hi,every one

      Is possible use CP command in specify Time or STEP?

      Take example, in time 1 node1 and node 2 DOF is independent,but in time2 i want to couple their all DOF.

      I try use following command in workbech,but CP command already work in time1.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee
      Introduce multiple steps, and say step 2 starting from time = 2s.
      In the command snippet we can choose to activate the commands for step 2 (step selection mode and step number=2), which would start from 2s. See here:
      Also the time command is not needed .
      All the best

    • j6zoz04
      hi @ekostson,thank very much. Your answer is helpful.
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