Cp value of HAWT

    • sunny.sihag96


      I want to know how can I get the Cp value of horizontal Axis wind turbine in cfd-post at various lengths of turbine blade.

      Thanks in advance

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      The center of pressure is defined as the location where a distributed fluid pressure load acts effectively as a single force on a body, such as an aircraft wing and the moment at center of pressure is zero. You need now to do all math's in CFD-Post and better actually in the solver where the results have been generated.
    • GuillaumeCFD
      Ansys Employee
      Keep in mind that the existence and unicity of the Center Of Pressure is not proved for a geometry of any kind. There are some rules to evaluate this center of pressure for a 2D wing for example, but for a 3D rotating system like Axis wind turbine, you may not find what you expect. In the real world pressure forces are applied to the object surface and nothing guarantee that you can find such an equivalent point. The tough thing here is really to find the mathematical expression under the proper assumptions if it exists.
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