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General Mechanical

CPT 215: APDL Command for Total Damage, Compression damage, tension damage

    • Plebian Seth Tamba

      Good day, I want to know how to show the total damage, compression damage, and tension damage in my analysis of RC column. I used the command that Dr. daly0 used in his youtube video

      /VIEW,1,1,1,1 !Use these values to change the view
      SET,last !SET,Last = Outputs final result set
      !By DrDalyO

      But it is not showing anything if the analysis have more than one number of steps. I quite new to using APDL commands. We use the same CPT 215 element for concrete using dracker pager model

      Thank you in advance.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee


      SET, LAST - this command reads the result for the last set. For multiple load steps try issuing the relevant step number in the SET command and then you might be able to see the relevant results.


      SET (

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      Ashish Khemka


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