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Crack propogation using SMART crack

    • venkata sai prakash koppisetti

      I am trying to simulatre static crack growth using SMART crack in ANSYS 2020 R2 student version. I had given a displacement of 0.5 mm to the top face of specimen with bottom face fixed. The simulation ran just fine for two three iterations and later on i have been seeing an error as shown below. FYI i had already rebuilt the same model from scratch 3 times, restarted the software and PC as well, that didnt help.

    • Nanda Veralla
      Ansys Employee


      Hello Sai Prakash,

      Please share the screenshot of the error message in the solver output file. You can view the solver output file by Solution–>Solution Information–>Solution Output–>Solver output. Look for error messages, and search in the forum for similar error message discussions. If you’re not able find anything helpful for your error, please post the snapshot here.



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