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Crash with Exit code 1073741819

    • Jasmina92

      Dear all,

      after finishing the mode setup with polyfow, when I try to start the solution immediately an error message occures: 

      Refreshing of the solution component failed.

      (Crash) Exit Code: -1073741819

      Searching for this error, I found some hints that it might be a problem of memory allocation. has anyone an idea what to do now?

      This happens with a small 2D model with a medium-fine mesh.

      Thank you very much for a hint!

    • dsurendr
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Jasmina,

      Could you please check your Task Manager while trying the solution to see if it hits the memory limit?

      Usually 2D models wouldn't exceed the memory limit unless you tend to use extremely fine elements.

      Thank you.

    • Jasmina92

      Thank you very much!

      In the meantime I deleted the projekt and restarted with different settings. It works not - but I don't know what was crucial for the error ellimination..

      When this Error occures again, I check the task manager. But I am sure it didn't hit the limit because the calculation was not expensive compared to the following projects.

      best regards

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