Create a new CHEMKIN Format Mechanism for Student version ANSYS Fluent Setup

    • dtorres2


      I am working on a Combustion-Chamber-Nozzle Rocket Engine design and using ANSYS Fluent to simulate the flow of the mixture.

      I want to use a Mechanism for a Liquid Methane, Liquid Oxygen Combustion.  The closest I found was a 2-step Methane/Air mixture but I want something that is more based on previous research

      In the ANSYS Fluent Software I have successfully created a geometry and a mesh. I currently am working in the Setup.

      Under Setup > Model > Species  there is the menu to select the type of mixture material. I am going with a standard species transport. I want to use a liquid oxygen, liquid methane combustion mechanism mechanism that I found in a previous research. My challenge is to figure out how to actually create a version of it that i can then upload to the program.

      Attached below are pictures of the menu in ANSYS Fluent Species and

      a picture of the reduced 7-step mechanism I want to use.

      Could somebody guide me through the steps to upload this mechanism into ANSYS Fluent? I am only a few weeks new to the software and have limited experience. Any help will be muchly appreciated after having spent days trying to figure it out. Thank you!

      Reduced 7step Mechanism

      ANSYS Fluent Species menu

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I would suggest building up to this slowly. Methane+air is a good starting point. For LOX & liquid methane you may also need a multiphase model, that't not going to be a straightforward model. 

    • dtorres2

      So any suggestions on where to begin?

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