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Create Condensed Geometry

    • Autonewbie


      Can I create condensed geometry of Point Mass?

      If I have rigid body at the interface region such as bolt, how to create the interface? Thank you!


    • Cheta Rathod
      Ansys Employee


      Thank you for posting this question. Apologies, but the question is not very clear.   It seems like there is a bolt which you do not want to model in the Rigid dynamics environment? One option is to suppress the bolt and instead create a point mass representing the inertia properties or the bolt. However, this does not make much of a difference in solver time reduction in rigid dynamics. This is because since the bold is rigid it does not have higher node count anyways.   

      Another option is to capture the flexibility of bolts and model it as condensed geometry. (Condensed Parts are used to model flexible bodies in the Rigid Dynamics solver.).

      For this you can take a look in the help manual for guidance:  

      Hope this helps. Let me know.  

      Thanks, Cheta  

      • Mohammad Ashour

        hello Cheta

        the link does not seem to work,




    • Autonewbie

      Hi Crathod, Thank you for your reply. The assembly model is something like electric housing box I would like to create a condensed geometry of the whole assembly except the housing (bottom). There are some components inside the box are modeled as point mass which I am afraid could not condense it. Also the housing is using screws to connect other main part like the cover. These screws are modeled in rigid body. I wonder how to create a proper condensed geometry. Thank you so much!


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

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