Create expression in CFD Post including velocity as denominator

    • Chris1opher

      Dear all,

      I want to plot contours of a local dimensionsless number in cfd post.
      For that purpose I created an expression in CFD-Post.
      I use this expression in a variable and then plot the contours of that variable.
      A simple example like 1/Velocity as the expressions results in the following error:

      'Vertex' values for Variable 'testvariable' do not exist on Geometry /DATA READER/CASE:Case FFF/BOUNDARYeriodic 1.

      There is no Error when I only write "Velocity" in my expression, but as soon as Velocity is in the denominator it is not working anymore.

      Can u tell me how to use Velocity in the expression?

      Kind regards


    • Chris1opher

      I think I found the reason why it is not working.
      Velocity is saved as a vector and using 1/vector might not be defined.
      Is that right and is there any possibility to normalize the vector to gain a scalar?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You can use velocity magnitude (can't remember the macro) but also remember it'll be zero in some places so the expression value may get rather high. 

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