create rotation domain or directly use frame motion

    • Eason

      Hallo, I want to know the pressure of rotating fan's surface. I tried two ways.

      1. create a rotation domain and use boolean operation, don't reserve the fan solid. Then in fluent give the rotation domain a mesh motion with 100 rpm.

      2. in fluent directly give the fan solid a frame motion with 100 rpm.

      Simulate with these two ways, the pressure of the fan surface is totally different. And in CFD Post amination, the fan don't move when simulate in the second way. But the fan can move when in the first simulate way.

      Can any one please explain why has this difference?

      I see some case, mostly use the first way.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Read the documentation of the reference frame and sliding mesh and also have a look at the tutorials: that should explain most of what's going on. 

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