Creating a XY plot for total pressure with x axis as the center line of a surface

    • Dilini


      I want a plot of total pressure along the center-line of a selected surface. For that when I try the XY plot in Fluent results, I can only choose a surface as my x axis but not a line. How can I get this done? 

      (For this I am not using CFD post since the pressure values the CFD post gives are static values as I know. If it is possible to get what I want from CFD post let me know. I want the total pressures)

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      you should be able to select a line. 

      how are you creating a line? use results - create - line. 

      for range, you can use axes option. 

      in cfdpost you can add static and dynamic pressure and create a new variable to plot. 




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