Creating an animation in CFD-post from temperature contours from multiple fluent data files

    • rachels1001

      Hey guys,

      I ran a transient un-steady state simulation in fluent. During the fluent set-up, I created a temperature contour of the surface and the simulation saved an unsteady-state data file every 10 time steps (around 800 data files in total). I now need to see the progression of the temperature front to trouble shoot something and want to see the temperature contours as an animation to see how the temperature changes with time. I can see the individual temperature contours when I manually open them in fluent, but is there any way to create an animation of all of these individual temperature contours in CFD-post?



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you have all the contour image files you'll need a third party tool to stitch them together: Windows Media may do it now, others are Platypus & VideoMach (that I've used), there's also a utility on LINUX.   If you have the dat files use the timestep reader in CFD Post to load the files and you can create a movie there. 

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