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3D Design

Creating an RVE in material designer BUT scaling up of model geometry in steady state thermal

    • krish_

      Hi , My aim is to find the heat flux of a composite material. The composite material consists of the matrix material as Polythelene and randomly distributed spherical inclusion particles (Titanium dioxide).I need to initially create the geometric model of the RVE with Polythelene as the matrix and Titanium dioxide as particle inclusion, randomly distributed. I found an option to create such geometry in ANSYS Material designer. the dimension used in material designer is in micrometer and then this RVE is imported in spaceclaim geometry for stacking to get the required geometry model thickness. BUT, when that spaceclaim geometry file is imported in Steady state thermal module, the model dimension is getting scaled up by 1000. (suppose the dimension of thickness made was 100 micrometer, but in steady state thermal its sclaing to 100000 micometer) Pease help me with the modeling aspect.Thanks in advance.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee

      Are the dimesons correct after you import RVE in spaceclaim? Could you measure them in spaceclaim and check.
      Regards Ishan
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