Creating an S-N curve

    • Sammy1998

      I currently use the free version of ANSYS student edition. In the Engineering data section, it seems like the only material with an S-N curve is structural steel. I am not trying o use structural steel, I am trying to get the S-N curve for ABS plastic (High strength). Please where can I get this tabular data so I can create it?

      Also, I am trying to get some properties of ABS plastic that I have been unable to find. If anyone can help with where to get the following information, it would be very very much appreciate. If I need to pay to get the information, it is completely fine by me as I am doing the simulation on behalf of my lab at the University of Florida.

      • Density: 1.03g/cm^3 (I was able to get this one)
      • Tensile Yield Strength: 4.3E+07 Pa (I was able to get this one too)
      • Young Modulus: ?
      • Poisson Ratio: ?
      • Strength coefficient: ?
      • Ductility Coefficient: ?
      • Ductility Exponent: ?
      • Cyclic Strength Coefficient: ?
      • Cyclic Strain Hardening Exponent: ?
      • Tabular Data for S-N curve
      • Tensile Ultimate Strength: ?
      • Compressive Yield Strength: ?
      • Compressive Ultimate Strength: ?

      Thank you very much for your answer in advance !!!

    • David Mercier
      Ansys Employee
      Hi, if you are a student, I advise you to check if you have access to an Ansys Granta EduPack license, otherwise have a look for Ansys Granta Selector. In these softwares, you'll find materials data for more than 4000 generic materials in the MaterialUniverse database. Here some examples for the ABS. And here a reference paper:
      And here some interesting discussion for you in our forum:

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