Creating and analysing ethernet cable ( twisted cable)

    • ppetitje


      I have to construct a full simulation of a Ethernet cable on ANSYS. I'm working with HFSS to construct the cable. For the instance I have two small cables. But now I have a problem: I want to export this cable to SIwawe to have the S-parameter of my cable and then make a eye-diagram of my cable using the electronic desktop. But I can not import my project (my two small pieces of wire) on SIwave and that is my problem. So if some one have already made somethings similar or have any idea how to construct Ethernet cable on any ANSYS component it will help me a lot.
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      Pierre-Alexandre Petitjean

    • 3Asif

      Hi ppetitje,

      SIwave is geared towards PCB and planar structures. It can accept bondwire, but that is a different story.

      Whenever, you are importing the 'twisted" cable it SIwave, it will try to find in which layer it belongs to and that is where all troubles start. 

      The only way I see is: you still have to get s-params out of from the HFSS.

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