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Creating Enclosure Ansys v18.2

    • collinfeight5


      I recently imported a isg file into Ansys workbench, I am using Fluid Flow(Fluent) step 1. I not able to find how to create an enclosure around my pre-existing geometry (which is a spoiler) to model fluid flow around my geometry. When I double-click on the geometry tab, it takes me to the SpaceClaim program(geometry editing), but I cannot find any way to create an enclosure.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Collin

    • peteroznewman

      Hi Collin,

      On the Prepare tab in SpaceClaim is a button called Enclosure. That has what you want. Before you do that, I recommend you delete all small details from your solid geometry. Delete all the screws, delete all the screw holes. These faces will cause the model to have more nodes and elements without adding any significant value to the fluid flow results.

      If you are new to Fluent, I recommend you start with a 2D airflow model. If you want to learn the steps, there are several tutorials. I created a 2D fluid domain, which must be in the XY plane. This model is just for illustration. The domain is too small, the mesh too coarse and the residuals too high to get accurate results, but it is something to look at if you are curious.

      The spoiler goes on a car. Where is the car body?  You can add it to this model and post the results.




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