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Creating Flowpath for imported CAD design

    • Mustafa Babagiray

      Hi everyone,

      I am working on the turbine blade optimization for our existing turbine runner to increase efficiency. However, I am uncertain about the feasibility of defining the hub, shroud, inlet, outlet, LE (leading edge), and TE (trailing edge) on the solid geometry, as these parameters are essential for generating the Flowpath. Alternatively, should I consider redesigning the blades using Blade Modeler? I have made multiple attempts at this approach, but the resulting design doesn't precisely match the real blade. I have attached several pictures of the current runner below.

      Thanks in advance


    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Mustafa,

      I need more information on what is your real blade shape and want you want to do exactly regarding changing the turbine blade and trying to shape it to real profile.


      Chaitanya Natraj

    • Mustafa Babagiray

      Hello Chaitanya,

      Thank you for your reply. My actual blade shape is already attached in the previous post. I want to do an optimization study on the blade shape with the response surface method to increase the runner's efficiency. But as far as I know, in order to implement RSM the blade shapes should be parametric which I don't have. I think I first should create the meridional profile of the blade in the design modeler to generate the flow path but I don't know how to do it on the existing runner.


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