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Creating Metasurface array from Phase profile of unit cells

    • shahid6134

      From HFSS 15.0, I have S-curve of phase profile vs physical size of patch inside the unit cell in .csv format. (Unit cell size is constant, only patch size is changing). 

      From MATLAB, I have the phase value required from each unit cell of array. Two queries;

      1. How to generate 2D array with unit cells of desired patch size (using phase profile of each cell from MATLAB) in HFSS.  
      2. How to simulate this array (metasurface) in HFSS with customized theta and phi angles of incident plane wave on the metasurface.
      3. Generate 2D/3D radar cross section/reflected beam pattern and gain of complete metasurfsace. 

      stepwise guidance is requested, thankyou.

    • Faezeh Ladani
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Shahid,

      I can direct you to a couple of help material.


      * From File>Open Examples..>HFSS>Antennas>FiniteArray_Radome_77GHz_3D_CADDM

      This is an example of a 2D semi-periodic array. You can do the same steps for a fully periodic case as well. The only difference is that you have only one type of unit cell. The example comes with a short pdf help document. 

      *Also, on online help type "Assigning Arrays in HFSS". You can navigate the related topics on online help as needed. 

      This material should help. However, the complete answer to these questions goes beyond the scope of this forum. If you have access to customer portal, please file a support case so one of our engineers can work with you one-on-one. Also, if you have access to Ansys Learning Hub(ALH), we have training material with guided workshops about this topic. 


    • shahid6134

      Dear Faezah, 

      Thank you for your kind guidance.

      I have HFSS 15 version so can I simlate array in this version. I could not find it in provided path of examples or online.

      Can an array with customized patch sizes of unit cells be generated using python in HFSS. If yes, then where to run the python file in HFSS?

      Kidn regards

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