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creating sections for beam analysis

    • tausifraza786

      When I create section for beam in mapdl I input the height and width of the section.... Take it h = 20 and b = 10. after meshing when I turn on element view and turning on isometric view, the section shown is h = 10 b = 20, why this happen?

    • Rohith Patchigolla
      Ansys Employee


      When you create a rectangular section, the width, b and height, h are along the beam element co-ordinate system y and z respectively (as shown in image below).

      You can turn on the ESYS Element coordinate sys under Plot Controls --> Symbols (with element shape turned off, i.e. /eshape,0) to see how the element coordinate systems are oriented and verify that the b and h are in the respective y and z directions of this esys. 

      Preferred method would be to use Orientation node/keypoint. Please have a look at the beam188 documentation in ANSYS help here for further information.

      Also, this youtube video might help.

      Best regards,



    • tausifraza786

      Thanks for your help

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