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Creation of a new body within a solid body

    • Jan-Henrik Rieger

      Hello, my issue is as follows. I need to adjust the geometry in the expansion volume for several different cross-sections. I start with a regular pipe cross-section and remove the excess parts. But problems arise when I try to project the arbitrarily shaped cross-section onto the pipe section in the expansion volume and then want to create a new body with the same cross-section as before. I seem to be doing something wrong with the Pull option or Split option. The goal is to have three bodies in the expansion volume. One that corresponds to the pipe with the previous cross-section, one that surrounds the cross-section and becomes a circle, and finally a large cylinder that encloses the two previous bodies. 

      Another question would be whether it is possible to use the scripting tool to essentially insert arbitrarily shaped cross-sections as parameters or surfaces and automate the process described above.

      I am quite new to spaceclaim and tried it multiple times but I cannot implement it in a reasonably reproducible manner. Thank you in advance! 

    • peteroznewman

      Draw all three bodies with just the outer diameter or surface so they are solid without any inner hole.

      Use the Combine tool to subtract the inner solid from the target outer solid. The solid of interference will be created that you will have to delete.  Repeat this on the other target body.

      I don't know how to script in SpaceClaim.

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