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General Mechanical

Creep of aluminium under transient heating conditions

    • Marko


      I am trying to model creep in my Ansys model. The column made of aluminium is loaded with constant compression force on one end and with constant shear force in the middle. Then the temperature is added up to 250°C. I obtained the creep coefficients from coupon tests and fitted them on three creep models: Modified Time Hardening, Combined Time Hardening and Generalized Time Hardening. I have added the required coefficients and followed the rules that the specified ones are greater than 0. However, the solver gives me the warning that none of the coefficients should be negative and gives me the error every time. 

      One more thing is pretty unclear to me, Ansys allows only to add coefficients for specified temperature independent of the stress level. I would like to know how does it work and why does it work that way because the creep should not be the same for every load level. Is it possible to model creep for complex systems or maybe add up additional creep equations (user-defined - it says that this option is possible, is it through the APDL or?)

      Is it possible to model creep under transient heating conditions (constant load, variable temperature) and what is the easiest way to do it?

      In Ansys Workbench, I made a static structural project and linked it to transient thermal for temperature. Should I do it in transient structural, and what is the difference?

      Thank you

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