Criteria for MAXWELL convergence

    • jose maria gomez

      I am using MAXWELL 3D (non-transient) for simulating an electromagnet and I am interested in the  EM forces exerted on the coils. The electromagnet consists in two coils in a Helmholtz configuration around an iron yoke. I have performed a convergence study consisting in refining the mesh (pushing the number of passes even if both the convergence of energy error and delta energy criteria have been met) and calculating the force after each "iteration" (by iteration I mean a certain number of passes, which means a certain number of mesh elements). I suspect that the solution that I obtain after each "iteration" is not fully converged due to:

      • Force value (any component) continues increasing iteration after iteration (that is, increasing the number of mesh elements).
      • Total energy value continues increasing after iteration.
      • delta energy convergence criteria is not fulfilled after some iterations, it changes in a saw tooth fashion


      Additionally, I would like to monitor coenergy vs passes but do not know how to do it. I define a named expression in the field calculator as the integral of coenergy in the domain volume, but I did the same with energy and the total value reported by the algorithm does not match with the value I obtain integrating the energy in the volume.

      Help would me much appreciated.


    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Jose,

             In report dialog, you could find pull-down menu of solution in right top corner, and select “Setup1:AdaptivePass” (possible), then you can plot selected quantity vs. pass.

             When you change “Percent Error” for calculation tolerance, you will get different results. Small percent error could get more accurate results and you can consider force as convergence item in Expression Cache. Please review the help manual.


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