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Critical Error on Installation Ansys Student 2020

    • cesarmigreja

      Hello i have a problem when installing ansys student 2020. After extracting it from the zip and running setup as an administrator this error always appears. What do i do? 


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Do you have enough space in C drive ?

      Can you try temporarily disabling security/Firewall/Anti-virus software ?

      Open Windows Event Viewer  -> Custom Views -> Administrative Events , then see if there is any error event related to crashing logged in here. Another location you can check is -> Windows Logs -> Application

    • LempasBije
      TO solve this problem just simply go to:n WIN + R -> %appdata% -> ansys\v201\ProdConfig\ <- Delete this kind of files you find in folders like v201 or v198 and after you delete these files just install ansys again and it should install properly n
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