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Crosstalk simulation with HFSS with incomplete result

    • Yuxuan Wu
      HFSS is used for a cable crosstalk simulation for worst situation simulation study. An also want to observe the magnitic and electric fields at different location of the setup. However, a few problems have encountered in the simulation.
      Description of the model: 
      1) this model is for evaluating the crosstalk between a motor drive output AC cable bundle (CB) and low-voltage hardness (LV-Hardness)
      2) excitation setup is "Terminal Lumped Port" reference are GNDs
      3) Advance setup is used for multiple frequencies simulation, and frequency sweep
      1) the s-parameter matrix is giving (0,0) for the other end of the termination. Please advise if there is some mistake in the analysis setup which causing the error.
      2) the simulation is interrupted due to "out of memory" error, and it did not converge to the "Max Delta S" target. Please be advise if there is any way to simplify the model for reducing the simulation time.
      3) frequency sweep result is not available for display
      4) not sure if the excitation port setting and boundary setting is correct for this simulation
      Thank you in advance for any help and information!
    • Aymen
      Ansys Employee

      Please submit a service request under https://customer.ansys.com/ and provide your HFSS design. Ansys customer support will have a look and provide you a feedback.

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