CSP Solver Output files are incomplete – Boundaries are missing from csp output files

    • Toochi360

      Hello! I need help with creating output files from ANSYS ICEM CFD for my geomechanics/poroelastic study on CSMP (C++) platform.

      I use ANSYS ICEM CFD to mesh .3dm CAD geometries and I generate .asc, .dat, .log files to use in my code. The .asc files usually contain the boundaries of the model that I create in the software. After the University of Aberdeen updated the software from an ANSYS 15 to ANSYS18.1, the .asc files stopped having the boundaries in the .asc files (see pictures of before update and after update .asc files). The .log files, on the other hand, have counted these boundaries as part of the family but in the .asc files, these part names are not allocated nodes.

      I suspect the creation of the FEA solvers tab has something to do with it In the previous versions, there used to be a sub-menu below the CSP solver option called "common structural solver" where I could choose "NASTRAN or Ansys" option to create my files - that option is gone now and I suspect that plays a part too. I have looked through the help file and I could not get a solution.

      Please, I need help in getting complete files (.asc) for my work. Thank you and I would appreciate any suggestion

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