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Current Density Distribution (2D vs 3D) in Hairpin

    • Vedant Sane


      I find it sometimes very difficult and confusion while interpreting the simulation results. Below are the attached discrepencies in the results.

      Image below shows the current density distribution of hairpin winding of a slot at one aprticular time step:

      This graph is correct according to the analytical calculations. However, when it comes to the 2D simulation, the current distribution looks like this:

      From the both pictures it is clear that the absolute current density values shown in the legend are comparable. However, it should show the same values within some tolerancein both the cases. Ofcourse, mesh elements will effect the end results.

      Later I found out that 3D simulation only shows absolute values while 2D simulation shows both actual values. If I do field calculation in 2D as abs(scalar(Jz)) then it shows similar results as compared to 3D as shown below:


      Can you please tell me why there is such inconsistencies between solvers? if not, I would kindly request ANSYS to remove such non-uniformity from the software. Thanks!

    • Sriparna
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Vedant,

      Please let us know what tools you are using for 2D and 3D simulation. 


    • Vedant Sane

      I am using Maxwell transient.

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