Current leak to the air (Error)

    • foXSers

      Software: Anysy Electronics 2021R/2

      Work station: Windows 10 pro, Processor: Intel I7-11700K, RAM 24GB.

      Hello, please help me. I'm trying to do a simple analysis to pass a current through a structure. But I get an error while solving the problem. 

      Solution type is Magnetostaric.
      Here is the structure itself, the material was applied as copper.
    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      When you are doing an open circuit current excitation. Current excitation should always start and end at the Region. It seems like that is not the case with your model.
      You can look at the below pre-loaded 3D examples in Maxwell to understand the excitation.
      1)File>Open examples>Maxwell>Actuators
      open Actuator.aedt file
      2))File>Open examples>Maxwell>General>Eddy current

      Regards Navya
    • foXSers
      Thank you so much. You realy help me.
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