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Current Simulation on Maxwell 2D

    • Murilo Paiva


      I'm having issues on simulating current on my electric induction motor. I made the project through RMxprt examples, and adjusted the parameters i needed to fit on my real machine. When I run the simulation, pic current value per phase are around 850A, while I should get something around 0.81A. I was trying to identify the issue and noticed that when I try to validate Maxwell's design the following warning appears: "Eddy effect settings may need revisiting due to the recent changes in the design. The default value will be used for the object if the value is not specified". I don't know if that is related to the problem I'm dealing, could someone help?

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee

      @Murilo Paiva,

      This warning ask you to check if the eddy effect are set correctly. Please right click Excitation>>Set Eddy Effect to make sure the rotor bars are assigned with eddy effect.


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