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    • m.caragiuli


      I would like to improve the curve fitting of uniaxial experimental data through a hyperelastic model in a structural mechanical analysis. I know I could use Ansys APDL to increase the number of iteration for the fitting procedure in order to improve the matching of the data. However I don't know how to input the experimental data in Ansys Mechanical since I am required to enter the data in a txt file but it can't be read even if the two columns (eng stress eng strain) are separated by space since I get an error about the existence of the data.

      material data input


      Do you know how can I solve it?

      Thanks in advance.

      Moreover, if you know a way to improve the fitting of experimental nonlinear data please let me know.

      Thanks again.



    • Abdulsalam
      HI Nyla, n In order to add a new hyperelastic material to ANSYS APDL you need to follow this steps : n1- Go to material properties n2- Material models n3- From the Window that appears choose STRUCTURAL then choose NONLINEAR then choose ELASTIC n4- Then select HYPERELASTIC >HYPERELASTIC_CURVE_FITTING n5- A window Will Appears where it needs STRAIN VS STRESS n6- At the right corner of the window you will see three options and one of it is READ FROM FILE n7- Then you need to convert your Excel file into Document (.txt). Then, you can import the data to Ansys APDL. n8- After importing the experimental data press NEXT n9- In the same Window after you pressed NEXT you will notice in the lift side of the window file with the name EXPERIMENTS if you open it you will notice CURVE FITS click on it and will open to you the place where you can choose any HYPERELASTIC MODELS then you can Choose SOLVE!. n
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