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CUSTOM files in ANSYS 2020R1

    • jay11


      I have downloaded and installed ANSYS 2020R1 on a Win 10 64bit machine and there seems to be a problem with the UPF subroutines. There is no v182\customuserwinx64 folder with the anscustom.bat and fortran subroutines as it is stated in the help. Instead there is v182customizeuser folder with the Linux version of the anscustom file.

      Am I missing something? The installer didn't give me an option to choose which ansys components to install (including the user programmable features).

      I would like to use the user programmable features to implement custom material model.


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

       It comes with Fluent installation, you can't select/deselect this during the installation.

      I'd recommend to ask this question in Fluid Dynamics section.

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