Custome flow field initialisation in fluent

    • Sai Manikanta Kaja


      I am new to using Ansys fluent and am working on a project of flow through a pipe where I need to initialise the solution with a custom flow field (Pressure, x,y,z velocities) which will be derived from another method. Looking to know if it is possible to do and if yes, how to start ? 

      Thank you 

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali


      you can initialize the flow from boundary values or you can use the Patch function to set values for selected flow variables in a given cell zone or cell register.
      33.9. Initializing the Solution (ansys.com)

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You may also want to review the interpolation file. Use a simple (small) model to understand the format. 

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