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Discovery Import

Customer having issues with installation


    • david.hovsepian



      I'm not getting great responses from your support team. I still have been unable to get my renewed spaceclaim license to work on my home computer. Big problem for me!


      I'd like to see if you can issue another trial license so I can keep things up and running. For some reason, trial licenses always work, yet when you try to operate a license you actually pay for, there are always issues! Makes no sense to me!


      Please help me out here. 




      Ryan Frumusa

      Artifact Fabrication LLC

      (585) 737-9147

    • jsuneby
      Ansys Employee

      Meeting scheduled for Friday 9am EST

    • jsuneby
      Ansys Employee

      Resolved 3 weeks ago. Customer was trying to launch SpaceClaim Engineer not Ansys SpaceClaim. 

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