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General Mechanical

Cutting metal with scissors

    • Max1408

      It is necessary to cut the metal rod with scissors in 5.7 seconds. I also want to see the equivalent stresses in the scissors. Should this be done in static structural or explicit dynamics? Please help me to do this calculation.


      Pressure is applied to the piston 80 MPa

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      I think Transient Structural would be a good choice. It uses an Implicit solver as opposed to Explicit Dynamics which, as the name suggests, uses an Explicit method. Explicit Dynamics is more appropriate when the scale of simulation is very small (say about 0.01-0.1 s), e.g. when simulating a case of car crash etc.

      Transient Structural should work in your case.

      Hope this helps,



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